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Thursday18 December 2014

Our Benefits

Optimal trading conditions

A&P Financial Group has the lowest fixed table of spreads, and the narrowest range of swaps in the foreign exchange market Forex. This level have been achieved only due to the large number of customers, consistently earning around the world, because the company charges a spread only from positive customer transactions, which allows customers to feel confident enough during the trading even with a negative transactions. The company generates revenue if the customer makes profit. Spreads for all currency pairs, including tools of commodities markets, are fixed. The company does not expand spreads on the news, which allows customers to be confident that the sudden changes do not lead to unstable results of their trading strategy.

Direct access to the international interbank market through the biggest market makers in the U.S.

A&P Financial Group provides direct execution of client's transactions through the biggest market makers in the U.S. simultaneously blocking these positions in the international interbank market. Brokerage services agreement made between our clients and the A&P Financial Group, enables our customers to be fully confident in the rapid implementation of transactions, as well as provides them reliable protection of their financial assets and investment interests with U.S. law.

The newest universal trading platform

A&P Financial Group provides for work in the world financial markets the latest trading platform «Universal Trade Information Platform Trader 2.3». In trader's toolbox various trading orders with many graphics, highly customizable timeframes, and a full technical analysis of prices with a lot of indicators. Over 50 built-in technical indicators and tools simplify analysis. In addition, customers can use plugins to facilitate various aspects of the platform.

The minimum initial deposit

A&P Financial Group offers its customers the opportunity to begin trading with a minimum deposit of $ 100. Transactions are carried out on the accounts in the cent equivalent, which allows beginners to learn how to manage large amounts, and professionals - to test their trading systems with minimal capital inputs.


A&P Financial Group offers its customers the opportunity of leverage, which allows having a sufficiently small deposit to get good returns. Customer can choose the leverage from 1:2 to 1:500 depending on the kind of money management strategies used in the trade. If the client follows a conservative long-term trade, the recommended leverage is 1:100. If customer trades in the day, the leverage of 1:500 will allow get really high incomes.

Personal Manager

A&P Financial Group takes care of the financial resources of their clients, because only gain spread from positive deals. For each client attached personal manager, which helps the client as to the initial actions as well to improve the trade perfomance. No matter what stage of experience and knowledge is a client at the moment, manager provides highly skilled customer support 24 hours a day. Support and advice to the client is through, as personal contact, if the client has the opportunity to go to an office of representative, as well as through telephone and Internet communications.

Multi-level studies course

Studies courses offered by A&P Financial Group, are a synthesis of recent advances in economic and trading. Designed for any level of training, they can easily help you all to understand the system, and begin to gain from trading. Structure of training has a clear system, tried and proven around the world.

We offer a variety of training programs, both from the basic level to professional.

Highly qualified customer service

A&P Financial Group оhas a highly qualified customer service. For questions of any complexity clients receive competent answers from specialists. To contact customer support service, please call representative in your country or region.

15% per annum!

A&P Financial Group accrues annual interest on the account balance at the rate of 15%. The company also provides a service of deposit at 15% per annum in U.S. dollars and Euros.